I’m Sorry

Apologies, true ones, are more than these two words. Apologies require action. In my view, there are at least four separate steps required for any apology to be considered valid:

  1. Recognize what you did wrong, why, how, and to whom.
  2. Apologize to the person/people you wronged. Ideally with an explanation, now that you have completed step one and can provide a true one.
  3. Remedy the wrong in whatever way possible. Preferably in a way that those you’ve wronged see as proper remedy as well. If they suggest one, and it is in any way agreeable, by all means save yourself some trouble and do that.
  4. Learn from the experience so that you may avoid doing such wrong again. This is especially important because doing such again not only effectively cancels out the previous three steps but likely may render another round of apology ineffective or the requirements needed for another acceptance insurmountable.

Two simple words are never enough. In fact, they are all too often not even the right place to start.

Lately, I’ve been thinking that most of us could use a remedial course in such a basic courtesy. Heck, I’ll be the first to admit that I’m just as guilty and in need. So consider this simple message a note to self that I hope others can learn from too.

Calling Your Attention To… David Byrne

This |iyiek|referrer|kikia
is the first in another series of regular writing devices I’m trying. This will be individuals or projects that require more space than would be appropriate for my Items Of Interest posts.

Many may only know David Byrne from his time as front man for The Talking Heads. And, if that is where your musical knowledge of his music stops then you are missing out on some of his best work. For instance, his latest work, a collaboration with St. Vincent called Love This Giant, is likely one of the best albums he has ever produced. It’s eclectic, funky, imaginative, and likely far ahead of it’s time. But, why stop there? His discography includes eight solo albums and dozens of collaborations and scores.

But there is so much more to David Byrne than his music. His books are all excellent (especially How Music Works). His art installations push the idea of creative intersections forward. And, his blog… So, so good. Especially his recent travel journal style entries he’s been posting while on tour. He is an avid bicyclist and is fascinated about cities and community and history in ways that are relevant and important. I mean, whom else could make such a beautiful and compelling case for Des Moines, IA being one of the best places to live in America? Only Mr. Byrne I suspect.

The thing is, that David Byrne is into so much and his creative output so prolific that I could catalog and review his work far longer than your patience or my current energy level allows. So let me leave you with one of the best kept musical secrets on the internet — David Byrne Radio. Every month, he curates a fantastic selection of eclectic music , usually around a central theme, and plays it on his streaming internet radio station. I have found tons and tons of music I would not have heard of otherwise this way. His tastes are diverse and span the globe. The current playlist is Cold Weather Songs in Summer, Part II which is exactly and not at all what you expect at once.

So, do yourself a favor and make David Byrne a person whose work you always follow as he has long been one of mine.

Sick Again

I have not wanted to make a big deal of it but I’m sick again. This time, I’m not sure what it is. I’ve gone to the doctor and he is not sure exactly yet either. High fever, low appetite, aches and pains, headaches, extreme exhaustion, and a few other unmentionables.

I originally suspected Lyme’s disease as we spent the weekend at the family cabin and last weekend I spent shadowing and taking pictures of a GORUCK Challenge. But this was ruled out because I had no obvious tick marks. That said, West Nile Fever (Mosquitoes are the unofficial state bird of Minnesota) was a strong enough possibility with similar symptoms that this is how they are treating me for now.

So, forgive the (once again) slowness of output and interaction here. Taking what little energy I have left just to feel better.

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