This is once again my take on some of the items that I have run across this week. I wish to share them with you:

The Bullet Journal is a very interesting note taking markup system along the lines of my dash/plus system. I prefer mine of course but there are some interesting ideas going on here, including having an index page and his innovative solution for having a calendar. Plus, the website is slickly designed. Well worth checking out.

Austin Kleon’s recent post on keeping one’s overhead low is still resonating with me even as after I read it. I’ve long tried to articulate the idea that doing with less means having more freedom to do what you ant to do. Here, he captures it perfectly in just a few short paragraphs.

Speaking of freedom, J.D. Bentley recently shared his experience living in a land where you are naive of the culture and speak little of the language and the freedom that can come when you are forced to let your ego and self-expectations go. Beautifully written as usual from J.D (who remains one of my favorite writers).

I’m all signed up for the Big Gay Race 5K again this year. If you are in the Twin Cities area you should come run it with me and support a good cause (the continuing fight against hatred and bigotry despite landmark legislative victories like the right for all Minnesotans to marry). The early bird registration is only $25.00 and includes a free t-shirt.

I’m a big fan of packing light. Here is a nice account with some great tips of someone packing to travel to and live in Northern China for a year. He’s going over to teach English. A good lesson in figuring out what really is essential.

By the way, I’ve writen his entire post using Editorial — a fantastic new text editor for the iPad. I’m still getting my head around all the things it can do. This write up and review at Macdrifter, along with the nicely done videos Gabe included, were a big help. Suffice it to say that a new bar has been set in iPad text editors and this is now the one to beat. Especially if you use Markdown. Simply fantastic.

That’s all I have for now. Enjoy your weekend.