Here is another one of those cases where the whole "working for yourself pie in the sky dream" that everyone who does not actually do it runs head on into the "gosh it really blows sometimes" reality of it.

I will be going on "vacation" next week for a bit more than a week. Vacation is in quotes because those that work for themselves often don’t get that option. This will certainly be the case for us. My little girl’s last day of pre-school is this Friday and there is a two week break before starting Kindergarden in September. This meant that we would have a couple of weeks without any place for her during the day. So, this normally would mean trying to fit both mine and my wife’s (who is also my business partner) work schedules around care of Beatrix — a Herculean time management achievement.

Instead, we figure it is easier to take a week long road trip and thus have a valid excuse for emails, calls, and work not being done until after she goes to bed — and even then ignoring and delaying most of it.

And that is just what we are doing. With extended stops in Indianapolis, IN, Columbus, OH, and Asheville, NC. Not to mention plenty of lunch and rest breaks in between (a meal at one of my favorite restaurants — Bluephies in Madison, WI for instance if we can work it in). I would love to meet anyone in these locales if we can work it out schedule wise. (Get in touch if you’d like to try to arrange it.)

Of course this also means that much of the work that would normally get done in that time is being squeezed in before we go. So this week is abnormally hectic for us both.

All of this is an extended way of saying that posting here will be dramatically lighter in the coming few weeks. That said, road trips usually result in long conversations and dramatic revelations and clarity for me. In large part to being a captive audience
to my two greatest sources of wisdom and inspiration — my wife and daughter. Therefore, don’t be surprised if I pull a zinger out of the hat during that time.

Thanks for your patience and sticking around.

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