Today marks the ten year anniversary of this site. The very first post in the archives is from November 7, 2003. Not sure that I have anything remarkable to reflect on this occasion other than to say that success for a writer is most often measured in years. I plan to be making a similar post ten years from now marking the 20th.

I want to thank anyone and everyone who has visited the work I do here. For a writer, to know that even one person reads and enjoys ones work is a gift. Several, are a blessing. And, the fact that many have reached out over the years to say that something I wrote touched them in a way that made real positive change is, well, a miracle to me. I’m humbled by it each and every time it happens.

As I scanned through the archives, here are just a few posts that jumped out at me — with a particular focus on ones that might not be as well known…

On a steel horse I ride… — Where I reveal my not-to-secret love of 80’s arena rock and hair bands. Especially, Bon Jovi.

Taking Note — Where you can see the firs beginnings of what became the Dash/Plus System.

She Said “Yes”!!! — The short and long story of my proposal to Bethany.

Analog RSS — I had forgotten that I actually created a Instapaper like system but for actual paper magazines. I might have to revive this practice.

Value — In 2008 I broke the hard fact to you that money has no value. It is a construct for the determination of worth based on trust and mutual agreement.

Thoughts on “The Pleasures of Uninterrupted Communication” (and managing expectations) — Some thoughts on email overload and how to manage it at work (and elsewhere) by setting proper expectations.

Eat Well — Change your food, change your life.

This is not a year end post… — Don’t focus on the things you hope to do or the things you have done. Instead, focus on what you can do today — right now — to make your life a little bit better. Do this enough and it adds up to real change.

Permanently Impermanent — A reminder that all of this will one day disappear. And that is by design.

It’s always about the princess… — In my house at least.

Clean Kitchen — A lesson about productivity and procrastination gleaned through the lens of my Great Grandmother’s perpetually clean kitchen.

Other Side Of The Lens — A reminder from this family photographer to the rest to turn the camera around every once and awhile (and, yes, selfies count).