My Pendleton Shirts

The Season Of Stuff draws near. Far be it from me to discourage you from participating. After all, I will both give and receive plenty of stuff just like everyone else. It’s just that, if you are going to be giving stuff anyway, why not give something that will last a lifetime, always be in style, and be easily passed on for years more use?

That’s why I love the three Pendleton wool shirts I own. They are dependable, sturdy, and warm. Of these, two are vintage and were purchased used — yet they look brand new. That is because these things were built to last. Here in Minnesota, where the value of a time-tested wool shirt in winter is not lost, you can find them easily and inexpensively in just about any thrift or vintage store — still as stylish and often in as good of shape as the day they were new. In fact, I recommend buying them used as it is better for the planet and this is a rare case where the quality is so consistent that the difference between use and new is negligible. But, even brand new, it is an investment well made. They make a great gift that anyone could, if properly maintained and treasured, provide a lifetime of purpose.

In fact, everything Pendleton makes is outstanding. I have a sweater from them as well and it fits all of the criteria mentioned above.