I have long admired Patagonia as a company. The film above perfectly encapsulates many of the reasons why. Even though I only own a few of their products, I appreciate their commitment to quality, long lasting products, and their understanding of their impact on the environment. In fact, they heavily promote the idea, through the Common Threads Partnership, that their products are best purchased used in good condition — since they are made to last a long time.


I was able to acquire a vintage (1980’s era?) Patagonia down vest in very good condition at a clothing exchange that was part of an re-use fair we attended earlier this year. It has become my go-to outer layer this chilly fall season. I’ve become quite enamored with it and wear it almost daily. It’s well made, rather warm, and looks good tossed over a mid-weight fleece. Putting it on knowing it got years of good use by someone else before me and that I’m part of its working life makes it all the more special to me. I’m sure it will serve me well for many years to come.

I also recently purchased some Patagonia Nomader Pants for travel and, while I have only worn them a couple of times, they appear to hold similar promise (though they appear to be currently unavailable).

All of this is to say that Patagonia, and the products they make, are well worth your consideration. But, if it suits you, check for used items first. Conveniently, they make it easy for you.