I’m not much of an audiophile. In fact, I’m pretty fine to just listening to the built in speakers on my MacBook and iDevices most of the time. That said, the appeal and difference of using quality audio gear does not escape me completely. I had an earlier model of RHA Headphones (the MA450i) that I ended up losing at some point along the way. I’ve really missed them. They were especially great for running. So, I was delighted to accept a generous offer by the fine folks at RHA to check out their new flagship model, the MA750i In-ear Headphone.

I’ve had a chance to use them for a couple of months now (yes, I’m that overdue) in a iety of situations and environments. They sound amazing no matter what and have a solid — near custom — fit thanks to the 10 pairs (!) of different sized/shaped/purposed ear tips they include. Thus, the noise isolation that can be achieved is better than any other similar models I’ve tried (which is not many). I think one would be hard pressed to find much better balance of build quality or rich, balanced, sound for the cost ($130.00).

They include all of the other bells and whistles you would expect from headphones in this price range — noise isolation, three button in-line remote and microphone, steel reinforced cable with gold plated connection, and a nice carry case and holder for the ear tips.

In all, I’ve really been enjoying these and have been reaching for them anytime the sound matters. And, thanks to how well they fit they are even better for active pursuits than the ones I lost. These are a keeper for sure.