Need a good way to start off your week? Take something you are proud of and stick it up somewhere you can see it. Better yet, show it to the world.

Then, as you hit those low points, where you a feeling word down or uninspired, look to that thing you are proud of. Because, if you did something that good once, you will likely do something at least that good — if not better — again.

We humans are creatures of habit and process. But, we also have the ability to adapt, improve, and evolve. Perhaps , you can strive to discover the process that results in the things you are proud of. Then, you can make a habit of the things that led you to that creation or idea. After that, you can adapt that habit to an even wider range of things. And, improve and evolve it to something you can be even more proud of the next time.

But, don’t worry about all of that today. Today, simply take one small thing you did recently, put it out there, be proud.