I was away on vacation for most of this past week. We were up on Madeline Island, part of the Apostle Island chain in Lake Superior. Most of the island gets no cellular reception at all and few of the privately rented places (like the one we were at) have internet service as they are only used seasonally. Therefore, it is a good place to truly get away from it all.

The time spent was great. I got a ton of reading done — finished one book and put a major dent in my Instapaper queue. I spent some great quality time with my family over dips in the water, canoeing, and fires on the beach. We also have some friends who were up on the Island at the same time. So, it was great being able to share a few meals with them and watch Beatrix charm them like putty in a warm hand. In all, it was a great vacation.

That said, there are a few appearances I made before leaving that were released recently and I wanted to mention those…

  • I was on episode #130 of the Mikes on Mikes podcast where we discussed a couple of big productivity related ideas. The first of these was around a recent post by Mike Vardy about what is lost in the “Just Ship It” mindset — namely, delivering. Next, I discussed some new thinking I have come around on — due in large part to my friend Garrick — regarding blocking out time on your calendar for any task you wish to accomplish. I also asserted that, until one makes such time for any task it is essentially a wish and nothing more. Needless to say, I got a bit of pushback on this one. That said, I’m really happy with how this turned out and think it is worth a listen.

  • I was also interviewed for the latest issue of the Alpha Efficiency Magazine with a focus on Honesty and Self Belief. It is a good, short, to the point interview. Once again, I think it turned out well and it is worth your time.

  • Ben Brooks was kind enough to reach out to me for my thoughts on why we don’t mind that some of our tools and gear get a bit beat up while others we treat with kid gloves. My take — it’s about purpose.

Of course, I’ve been busy at my regular places since I’ve returned, too. The Cramped and Minimal Mac have both seen new posts and I have some more lined up to write soon. Stay tuned.