The Trove wallet is a nice new minimalist wallet. The folks there were nice enough to send me one to review. I’ve actually spent the last month or so carrying it around as my full time wallet — replacing the one I have carried for years now.

In that time it has performed well and still looks as good as new. It is attractive and casually professional. It’s available is a iety of colors. I chose the “Autumn” colorway which is black elastic with chocolate ant toffee brown leather.

The concept is a simple one, executed very well. A band of elastic with a leather loop in the middle that cradles up to 10 cards and provides for a way to slip in a couple of business cards or a few bills cash on the opposite side. It’s also reversible so that one could have a way to slip such items on the outside of the wallet as an option. It’s best to watch the video embedded above to get a sense of what I’m talking about here.

If I were to take any issue with it, it is no fault of theirs, it is mine. If you know anything at all about me it is that I live very intentionally and work to hard to carry only that which I really need. This is especially true of something I carry all day every day. The truth is, I actually need to carry a couple of more cards than this is designed to hold. I pushed the Trove past this limit, and as such it made it difficult to get cards out and to finger my way to the one I needed. If I removed a couple of cards from the total, it was not an issue. So, while the Trove actually performed very well as advertised, it is just a bit too small for my needs.

That said, if you are in the market for a minimalist front-pocket wallet that looks good and the capacity fits your needs, this is a very nice option. It would make a great gift too. Check it out.