If you follow me on the social networks, by now you have heard me talk about DailyMuse. It was born out of an idea I floated on App.net for a web app that would send me daily, random, emails from a group of items I put into it. My friend Matthew Lang took up the challenge and built it. I like it a lot. But, let me tell you why I wanted it in the first place and how I put it to use.

A couple of years ago, I purchased a book and assessment test called StrenthsFinder 2.0 published by Gallup. Yes, the same Gallup that is known for polling data. The assessment is a series of questions designed to help you discover your core strengths. At the end of the assessment, a list and explanation of those strengths is given and they provide a personalized action plan to help you uncover and tap into those talents.

I had the thought that this series of actions would be better digested and reflected upon if I got one sent randomly via email to me daily. Almost like a daily devotional. But, I could not find a tool to do so. Now, thanks to Daily Muse, there is.

Once I started using it ( I was on the beta team) I thought it might be fun to also add Brian Eno’s Oblique Strategies into the daily mix. So, I copied and pasted many of those in too.

Those are the two things I’m using it for so far but I can think of many others — daily exercise ideas, healthy snacks and recipes, writing prompts, study of scripture or philosophy, etc. Basically, anything that would be good to have a daily reminder for would be a good fit for this.

DailyMuse is free to try for 30 days and, if you like it, the price is a very fair $2 per month or $20 per year beyond that. Check it out.