In Buddhism, Right Speech is one of the precepts in The Noble Eightfold Path. In short, it is to abstain from lying, from divisive speech, from abusive speech, and from idle chatter. It is to consider carefully and mindfully what you say before saying it — weighing how it furthers the recipient of the message. If what we say does not further understanding, come from a place of compassion, or has no true purpose, it should not be said.

I have been bad at this lately. While I have not lied, I’ve failed at just about everything else. I’ve been cranky and opinionated. I’ve generalized and laid blame on whole groups based on the actions of a few. I have spoken or commented with the knowledge it would create division instead of unity, compassion, or understanding. I have allowed my internal suffering to create external rift. And, I have spoken without having any purpose at all.

I’m sorry.

I write this and put it out in public to acknowledge my failures in this area. As a first step towards choosing a middle path back towards a practice of right speech. To let others know that if they see me less active in social spaces it is because I am more mindfully considering what I say and how I say it before I say anything at all. That my silence is a kind of meditation practiced everytime I feel the need to speak.