My iPhone 5 has reached the stage where the battery lasts not quite a day in my regular use. I have clung to this model long past its reasonable life, it seems. Low power mode, a feature of iOS 9, has helped. But, on especially busy days where I’m not near a charging source to plug into for a bump mid-day means it will not last until the end even then.

I have no desire to upgrade just now, though I am due, as the larger size of the iPhone 6 line neither appeals to me nor [fits the way I use the device]( In fact, the move from the iPhone 4 to the 5 pushed it past my comfort and preference as it was — so I have no desire to go even further beyond. The majority prefers a larger phone and screen, apparently, which is fine. I never felt the tug to be part of the crowd. The rumor is that Apple is making a phone for people like me. One closer in size to the iPhone 4. If so, I will be delighted.

I have been using a battery case on my iPhone 5 for the past couple of weeks. This certainly gives me more life and allows the battery to last the day most days. The problem is, of course, such a case adds the size issues that I have specifically tried to avoid by upgrading and makes the device less usable to me. So, I’m removing the battery case. It’s more hindrance than solution.

Thankfully, I have another option available to me that others might not even consider. One that might be helpful to others as well. One that may help the battery last throughout the day or, at least, longer than it otherwise has been without the battery case… Use the iPhone less. Less "checking in" on Twitter. Less taking photos. Less using it to write. If the battery does die, prematurely, before I’m able to connect it to a power source, I’ll learn to be comfortable with that. Let it die.

The one solace we have with all of our devices is that there’s a sure and true way to deal with any issue with it we encounter with them: There’s always an off switch.