Re-releasing enough

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My most popular book, enough is being re-released today after a few weeks of being unavailable for sale. Enough is a series of essays that explore the idea of living a life with just enough of what you need and proposing some strategies to get there.

I wont bore you with the details of why it was out of stock, I’ll suffice to say it was some behind the scenes business changes. I’m excited this is back out there as the ideas that I put into the book will be featured in the upcoming documentary, Minimalism which I was interviewed for and will be touring the country soon.

As part of the change the title is now available to Kindle Unlimited subscribers for free. If you are a member of that, then I’d be honored if you added it and took the time to read.

If you have yet to get a copy, consider getting it for yourself or someone you love in Paperback or Amazon Kindle

In addition, I also am now offering personally signed copies of some of my titles. This is a paperback — each one signed personally by me to you (or, if you prefer, anyone you wish). To buy a one, click one of the links below:


This Could Help

Minimal Mac

I want to change your life…

…For the better. Even if it’s just for a little bit. But, my goal is to change it for the better for good. So that you are just a bit happier or a bit better.

That’s why I write. I know that if I put out enough posts, or enough books, or share the right things that one of them, eventually, will make someone’s life somewhere out there just a little better.

But why? Why do I care? Why does such hope give me such a deep amount of satisfaction? Why do I spend so much time and effort on it?

I believe the best way to make the world around me a better, friendlier, and stronger place to live in is to help others that occupy it with me be better, friendlier, and stronger. It can’t be done alone. I can’t change the world only by being better, friendlier, and stronger myself. So, I try to change others lives too.

Maybe it is egotistic and foolhardy to think I can have that sort of impact. And, maybe I can’t. But, I can try. And every victory, no matter small or large, tells me that I can. If I write enough or care enough or offer enough that, eventually, I can make someone’s life a little bit better and by doing so I can make the world incrementally better.

When I die, I want the people I’ve helped to be the largest asset I leave behind so that a happier world may be my children’s greatest inheritance. And I believe that can be done one word, one action, and one opportunity, at a time.


When it comes to the things I use, especially those I rely on every day, I want to use only things that have been proven as much as possible. Proven to work. Proven to last. Proven over time and use.

This is fairly easy and straight forward to find in the offline world. For instance, I gravitate towards and enjoy using pen and paper because it is proven. As a tool it works, lasts, requires nothing else, has been around for hundreds of years, and is used almost everywhere so is easy to find. Other tools are proven too. Hammers are proven, for example. Nail guns may be a quicker way to drive a nail but require power and have a hundred ways they can fail or break. A hammer always works.

In the online world, it’s a bit more difficult to find things that are proven. Things change quickly. Formats and applications come and go. What’s hot today is gone and unsupported tomorrow in too many cases. Experience has taught me not to rely on many of these things or to be too quick to jump on board new things that come along. They aren’t proven.

Yet, there are some things in the online world that are proven — at least as far as such things can be in the world of technology. Here are two examples: Plaintext and Email. Plaintext (.txt) as a format is proven. It has been around in some form or another since the dawn of modem computing. Email, the basic plaintext form of it, has been around long enough to be considered such. These are things I trust. Things I have used for a long time, work today much the same as they always have, and the chance of continuing to work far into the future is high. Plus, they’re practically universal. Practically everyone who is online has an email address. Practically every computer can open a plaintext file.

This doesn’t mean I won’t use things that aren’t proven. I will and sometimes do. But I don’t place my faith or trust in them until they are proven. I don’t pretend they will be around forever and I always have an escape plan for when they inevitably go away. I don’t go all in on a new thing, especially if it means abandoning something proven.

So, when people ask me why I love and prefer email over [Insert latest email killer here] it’s because email is proven. It’s why I don’t use the latest note taking app or word processor. It’s why you won’t find me hoping on the latest new social thingamajig or chatting whatnot or blogging whozit. And while I watch those things come and go and their users jump on and off them, I’ll still be here using the same proven tools I have for-what-might-as-well-be-ever and getting the things I want to do done.

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