Worry is wasted energy if not converted to action. It serves no purpose other than to drive action. Worry is alleviated in two ways:

  1. Taking action on that which worries you.
  2. Letting it go and redirecting that energy elsewhere.

Worry is born of desire — desire for change. If worry does not drive the action for change, or if there is no action you can take that will strive for or effect change, then what good is your desire?

But, in my opinion, one of the biggest problems with worry is that it makes one believe they are doing something. Especially when there is no action one could take that will affect change. That worry is all you have to do. That if you worry about something enough it will somehow effect change.

Worry is the catalyst between desire and “done” — nothing more. It should not exist outside of that structural tension.

So, if you’re going to worry, at least worry about important things. Things that matter. Things that you can take some action on. Make your worry worth it. Use it to get things done.